Christa Baker, Manager (Pikeville)

Christa started with Mo's Ark in July 2017.  She came on board into Christian retail from the Medical field.  She helped set up the new store and get it open.  She brought in the view from the outside looking in to help us think "like a customer".  You will see her at the Pikeville location.  She will take care of your needs.

Kaylee Blevins, Saless (South Williamson)

Kaylee started with Mo's Ark in June 2017.  She once told us she wanted to work in a Christian bookstore chain.  Then "BOOM" we became a chain.  She has experience teaching in a Christian School and knows her stuff about Children's Ministry resource, New Music, and books.  Her personality is all about the customer and she helps them to the best of her ability.  She is the person who helps keep South Williamson ticking!

Mo Bowen,  Owner

Mo and his wife Ashleigh are the owners of Mo's Ark.  He followed God in 2016 and opened the first Mo's Ark store in South Williamson, KY.  Mo being known in his local area as a musician he brought another much needed area (music instruments, accessories and PA installation) into Store 1.  In August 2017, God blessed them with a second store location.  With God all things are possible!