Mo's Ark has listened to its customers and has combined ideas to best serve the community of South Williamson, KY.  After a long term Christian Bookstore closed Moses received a vission from God to start a business.  The store ended up not only taking care of the pastors, churches, and individuals needs.  Mo's Ark also ended up taking care of the worship leader, front porch picker, and next year's inspiring artists with quality music accessories, lessons, and much more.  The inventory has already grown since the store's opening and it will only continue to grow as customers give ideas.  they are literally 10s of thousands of items the store has access to in both the Christian and Musician markets.  As they say when they greet you, "If there is anything you cannot find PLEASE let us know so we can get it".  Let them know of any items or things you need because they might just be able to deliver to you!

This is just the beginning!  Looking forward to our future!


Mo's Ark is a unique combination of Christian supplies, Music instrument accessories, and PA equipment. A one stop church shop so to speak. We opened our first store in August 2016 in South Williamson, KY and our second store in August 2017 in Pikeville, KY.  We love our communities we are in and hope to continue taking care of our customers as we grow!  Our customers are seriously #1!  If you need ANYTHING give us a shout!  We are here for you and we enjoy being able to give you what you need to help out your church, ministry, and personal spiritual growth.  We are ministry first/business second and we know God helped us with our decisions to open and he will help us with our future decisions as we grow.  Please don't hesistate to communicate with us about anything you need and we will gladly help you.  

Moses and Ashleigh Bowen, owners of Mo's Ark, LLC